Video Review: Klymaxx “Meeting in the Ladies Room”

In the ladies’ room, Bernadette, Penny and Robin fix their hair in front of the mirror. Penny puts on her wig. They walk out together. Outside, people dance as they wait in line.

Bernadette sits at a table, venting. Her face is superimposed in the middle of the line. The elevator door opens. A shirtless man tied to a chair dances in place as several band members play by him. A young woman, sitting with her boyfriend at a table, grins as she watches the shirtless man.

Penny sits at another table, eyeing the young woman. She talks with Penny and points to the young woman. Penny motions for Bernadette to walk with her and Robin. They walk inside and two friends, lying on the chairs, leave.

In the lobby, the young woman touches the man’s leg as she dances next to him. Robin puts in her earring. Penny looks into a handheld mirror. Bernadette powders Robin’s nose. They approach the young woman and lead her away from the shirtless man.

Bernadette fends off other interested men. People dance as they walk by the shirtless as they leave the bathroom.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman needed a strong warning. Penny had to hold Bernadette back one day as they watched her flirt with the shirtless man. Robin had said the shirtless man wouldn’t do anything. Although he and Bernadette weren’t dating as of yet, he still only cared for her. Penny retorted the young woman would stop at nothing. The shirtless man wasn’t available to her.

Bernadette vents to her friends in the restroom. She wants to know why the young woman has to have every single man. “Isn’t one boyfriend enough for her?” she shouts. Penny tells her they’ll take care of it. Bernadette says she’s ready.

Other men try to get her attention, citing she isn’t dating the shirtless man. She insists she’s taken and tells them to leave her alone. The shirtless man apologizes for his behavior. He didn’t mean to do anything. He accidentally caught her looking at him. She tells him not to worry. He wasn’t the one in the wrong. The young woman sees them together and walks in the opposite direction.

Director: Gerald Casale Year: 1985

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