Video Review: Thomas Rhett “Life Changes”

Strips of crimson lights crisscross the stage. On stage, Thomas Rhett puts his hand on the microphone. Thick arrows of electric blue hover on the sides of him.

In the hallway of the venue, he and his wife hold hands as they walk.

By the stage, Rhett, his family and band put their hands together as they huddle before the show.

Rhett feeds Ada backstage as his wife touches her head. He and his wife walk with Willa around the parking lot. She puts a yellow headband on Willa’s head. With Willa on his shoulder, he walks back into the venue. During rehearsal, he watches as Willa twirls on the stage.

His wife holds their daughter, Ada. He holds a camera to his wife and Ada in the hallway. He gives his wife a kiss. Behind the venue, she holds Ada and Willa spins around her finger. Rhett lets Willa come on stage during rehearsal and gives her a microphone.

He lifts weights with his band mates and boxes. His wife puts on boxing gloves and gives him playful punches on stomach. Willa smiles, wearing her own pair of boxing gloves and walks away from her parents. Rhett plays with Willow in the crib.

On stage, he turns the microphone to audience. He touches people’s hands in the audience as he walks. Willa claps for her dad. He lifts her up between songs. She crawls in the corner, away from the equipment. She jerks around to watch her dad.

Confetti sprinkles the audience at the end of the show. Willa, on stage by herself, throws some pieces of paper.

Rating: 1/5

Willa practices singing with a microphone. He calls out “good job” and claps for her. At the kitchen. his wife feeds Ada and they discuss schedules. He says he’s going on tour again in the fall. She starts her list, stating their full-time nanny has vacation time coming up. They need to find a replacement for two weeks. Ada fusses in her mom’s arms and his wife hands her over Rhett.

He smiles as he holds her, asking her if she wants to sing. His wife walks over to Willa and plays with her. Willa asks to watch her favorite movie. His wife turns on the television while Willa cries. “Just a minute, honey,” she tells her as she tries to find it.

His wife walks back to the kitchen table and says it’s bedtime for Ada. Rhett kisses her goodnight. Willa shouts “goodnight Ada!” and turns back to her favorite movie. His wife returns back from Ada’s bedroom and sits with Rhett on the couch. “Daddy, watch!” She imitates actions on screen. “Be careful, honey.” he says as he rushes over to her. They had talked about having a family since they got together and decided to wait once he got his career established. However, she was worried it was too late and they adopted Willa. Rhett often remarks that she’s going to follow in Daddy’s footsteps.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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