Video Review: Foreigner “I Want To Know What Love Is”

Lou opens his fist as he sits in a darkened recording studio. He grips the silver microphone while he sings.

A young woman wakes up in the middle of the night and holds a sheet to her naked chest. Mick walks to the window and peers through the blinds. Mick rubs his eyes.

A young man carries some metal across a ledge on a building. The young woman takes a shower. A second young woman works her shift at the factory. Wearing a heavy coat, she folds her arms across her chest as she walks home. Mick chews out Lou’s ex-girlfriend on the phone.

People wait to cross the street. Lou looks out the window of the cab. The young woman boards a bus, carrying the lyrics to the Foreigner song. Members of the New Jersey Mass Choir read over the music and chat while they travel to the studio.

The band waits for the choir. They walk inside the studio. Mick and Lou shake their hands and greet them. The young woman walks through the city. She runs down an alley. The band plays while the New Jersey Mass Choir performs. The young woman watches Lou sing from the stairs. He spots her and sings in her direction. She walks down the stairs and hugs him after he finishes the song.

Rating: 3/5

Lou introduces the young woman to the members of choir. She tells them they were inspiring. Lou and the young woman say goodbye as they leave for breakfast. The young woman explains she couldn’t sleep. She paced the family room and then took a shower. However, she knew she had to say something or face losing him forever.

Mick sees them leave together and grins. Lou and the young woman needed each other. However, both were pushing each other away. He contacted the young woman, telling her she has to help Lou. He’s up all night and going through the motions. Mick implores her to see him at the studio. She says she can’t. She has to work the next morning and then hangs up. Mick shakes his head. He’s trying for the both of them.

While at work, the second young woman hums the melody to the song. Love had been elusive for her. She had male friends in the church but hadn’t dated anyone in years. Reading the lyrics, seared through her and she realized she had let love go. At home, she flips through her phone book and dials his phone number. It’s out of service. On the bus to the studio, a male friend starts to talk to her and suggests dinner. She tells him yes.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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