Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Chun-Li”

In black-and-white, flashes of lightning illuminate the front door of a home. Nicki Minaj narrates that she was waiting for the men to arrive. As the men walk down the hallway, she says they didn’t know if she was coming back and it was driving them crazy. She adds that she had her spies watching them and “didn’t like what they reported back.” The guard turns his head while standing in the hallway as she says that built the home with hidden rooms. Stretched out on the floor, she tells them she’s the only one who has a thorough knowledge of the place. A man sneaks up behind her and she catches his arm.

Minaj sits in her chair, wearing a geisha hat and a black leather cut out bodysuit, her spreads her legs as she watches from the bars of her cage. With red neon cords around her neck, she stands in the lair with her hands on her hips. Wearing a golden, permed wig and a masquerade mask, she tilts her head inside a narrow hallway. She breathes fire.

Against a black background, she becomes animated, lined with scarlet red on her neck.

She presses her face on a glass floor.

Dancers dressed in black leather catsuits perform a routine against black and scarlet tinted background. Shirtless male dancers perform their routine behind the bars.

Two men lie lifeless on the glass floor as she looks down below.

Rating: 2/5

Nicki Minaj pounds her scepter inside her cage. She bellows for one of her minions to come forward. A female minion, wearing black leather, looks at the floor while she discuss her findings with her. The female minion warns her of a plan to takeover the lair. Minaj bellows for her commander. She tells her minions to prepare for war.

She blinks as the light hits her eyes as she walks up the stairs. The lair has provided her safety over the years. Loyal followers have helped to prevent evil forces from entering. However, she believes one of them is a spy. She devises a plan to find the person and starts with her high-ranking officers. After sending each person a different report, she waits for someone to threaten her.

In the dining hall, the cook bows and then grips her arm. She pushes his head onto the table and demands to know who he is working for. He cries out he doesn’t know. She shoves him to her guard and tells him to take care of it. The guard nods. Above her, she hears footsteps and she signals her army with a silent alarm.

Director: Steven Klein Year: 2018

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