Video Review: lovelytheband “broken”

At a party, Mitchy narrates “life is funny like that.” He adds that everyone has some sadness within them. Mitchy, Jordan and Sam enter a navy blue lit home. Mitchy walks between people drinking from plastic cups and talking. A young woman pulls up her hair in a ponytail in the bathroom. She touches up her lipstick and then puts on her jacket. Mitchy waits in line to go the bathroom. She whispers to him and walks away.

Mitchy opens the door and the young woman waves as she sits in the bathtub. He sits on the end of the bathtub and she blows some bubbles to him. He covers her with a towel.

After going to the bathroom, he finds his friends in the family room. She stares at him while standing by the kitchen. He walks into the kitchen and it’s early in the morning. She pours them both orange juice and sits on the counter. He wanders back to the family room and watches her dance on a table. She gets down and walks towards him.

At the pool, she takes off her dress and floats, In the afternoon, he jumps in and they talk as she lies on the pink float. He tips her over. Back at the party, she gets a towel and covers herself as she walks on the patio. She smiles at him and he follows her back into the house. She pauses at the stairs, waiting for him. He looks for her on the second floor. She opens the door and gestures for him to come inside.

The next morning, she wakes up and writes him a note. A few minutes later, he wakes up and grins as he reads the note. He pulls the covers over his body.

Rating: 2/5

Mitchy reads the note from the young woman tucked in his wallet. She had thanked him for a great night and hoped that they would run into each other again. He had asked his friend, who threw the party, about the young woman. His friend she was going through a lot right now. Apparently, her father got sick and she was having problems with it. Mitchy asked his friend to keep up him up to date about her. He explained they had slept together at the party. It seemed as though she wanted more but wasn’t ready for it. His friend to give her time.

Three months later, he and a few of his friends met for lunch. At the entrance, he saw the young woman walk inside and look for his friend. She waved and then sat down without saying much. On her way to the bathroom, she asked him to talk to him for a couple of minutes. By the exit, she asked him how he was and opened up about her dad. She cried on his shoulder. He rubbed her back, telling her it was okay. She wiped her eyes and apologized. He asked for her phone and entered his number, saying she could call him anytime. She nodded and said she might take him up on it someday.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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