Video Review: Rihanna “Diamonds”

In black-and-white, diamonds slip through Rihanna’s hands. She rolls a cigarette and exhales. She starts to sing.

She grasps the arm of a tattooed man and runs her hand over his skin. Inside her home, vases and blankets rise in the air.

In the middle of the night, she runs in the street, chased by a car. Pieces of diamonds hit her hand. She pauses and gazes at the sea green sky. She digs her nails on the tattooed man’s skin. Sitting on her bed, the objects in her room return to their places on the drawers and tables. She touches the tattooed man’s fingers once she lets go.

A horse gallops on the beach. She holds her cardigan around her chest as she walks on the beach. The horses paws at the sand and stands on its hind legs. The horse falls asleep. Against a black background, a red rose burns. Two horses nuzzle on the beach. They both run.

She floats on her back in the ocean and closes her sky.

In the city, she watches a soldier burn while walks in the street. Fires blaze behind her and people gather it around for warmth.

Rating: 5/5

Crouched in the kitchen of a deserted home, Rihanna searches for food in the cabinets. She opens the drawers and goes through the utensils one by one. From the corner of her eye, she watches the door. An explosion startles her and she drops the can. She bends down again and waits. An hour later, she crawls to the bed to sleep. However, every little noise wakes her and she decides to sleep in shifts.

It was unsafe to stay in the home. In the early morning, she left again. A burning soldier told her to head south. She thanked him and walked away. Looking over her shoulder at her neighborhood, she watches an explosion. There is nothing left to come back.

On her walk, she digs in her pocket and finds some change. She tells her it’s all she has. The server nods and says that it’s okay. As she pours her coffee, Rihanna notices fear in her eyes. The destruction was only a few hours away. The television warns people to stay at home. She overhears a man vent to his wife that his boss is threatening anyone who misses work. She sips her coffee and thinks she once listened to others, believing someone in authority would do the right thing.

Rihanna discovers the beach, untouched. Two lone horses run and graze. She pets them and offers some of her leftover food. She floats in the ocean, eyes closed as the horses protect her. For a day, she is out of danger.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2012

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