Video Review: Exposé “Seasons Change”

The waves roll across the ocean. A wooden swings by itself on the porch. Jeanette arrives at the beach house and unpacks her suitcase at the kitchen table by herself.

Jeanette, Gioia and Ann help one another as they set up the table. Jeanette leans against the wall, near the window.  Gioia opens the closet and takes out some sweaters. Ann and Jeanette unpack in the family room. They talk on the couch all afternoon and into the evening.

They put the sheets on the bed. Ann puts a hat on Jeanette’s head. They grab their beach bags and walk down the stairs. Jeanette takes some clear plates out of the boxes. They sing by the piano. Jeanette sits on the porch by herself. Gioia and Ann join her. They run together on the beach. Gioia plays the harp and then covers it as they leave. Ann gives one last look at the home. They see the taxi driver waiting for them and walk towards them. They drive off.

Rating: 4/5

Jeanette returns to her beach house for the summer. She turns on the music in the family room as she unpacks. While setting up her bedroom, her mother calls to say they will be there soon to help. A few hours later, her family walks into the home, bags in hand. She asks her parents about the drive and her dad said some rain caused a backup on the expressway.

She thinks of her former friends Gioia and Ann. They were college roommates. She invited them to stay with her every summer. They hung out on the porch and flirted with guys. They discussed their lives after college. Gioia was going to get her Master’s and become a psychologist. Ann was planning to work in advertising. Jeanette was going to be a nurse.

However, none of it happened. Gioia decided to take a year off and travel. Then, a year turned into five. Gioia had converted to Buddhism while in India and was now a permanent resident. Ann had married her college sweetheart and had two kids. She became a stay-at-home mom. She was failed out of nursing school. Although she wanted to help people, she didn’t have the stomach for it. She became a teacher instead.

Everything seemed to be certain back then. Unlike the high school friends she lost contact with years ago, they were going to be her lifetime friends. She’ll receive a Christmas card from Ann every year with her family on it but it’s not the same. She stopped receiving postcards from Gioia a decade ago.

At the piano, she plays a couple of notes from a song Ann taught her.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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