Video Review: Janelle Monáe “Django Jane”

The doors open inside the palace where two guards stand. Janelle Monáe sits at a table, wearing a crown, with her advanced students surrounding her. In another room, she sits on her throne.

Wearing a hunter green suit, she stands by a curtain. The advanced students perform a dance routine behind the curtain. She and her students dance by the table.

At a long dining table, she sits in the center with her new students, wearing red suits, drinking from their cups in unison. She holds a mirror over her vagina.

She sits back at the table near the entrance with her advanced students. The guards stay by the door as it closes.

Rating: 2/5

Janelle Monáe lets the guards know it’s okay to let the young woman inside. The young woman curtesies and she waves her hand, telling her she doesn’t have to do it. She tells her to stand up and be proud. The young woman follows her to the curtain. She sits down with the young woman and explains she didn’t much growing up. She worked several low-paying jobs before earning her new title as the Queen. She says she has to agree to several rules while living with her. She says pettiness and fighting won’t be tolerated. During the week, she gives lectures and lessons. She advises the young woman to follow the schedule. She’ll keep moving on despite her absence.

At the dining table, the young woman takes her place. The young woman apologizes for interrupting. She informs the woman there is no need to be sorry for her emotions. The other women turn to her, waiting for instruction. She tells them to drop their cups.

Midway through the lesson, a guard informs her the young woman’s father has come to get her. She rolls her eyes and goes to the door. The young woman’s father says his daughter is okay and feeling better. She wants to come home. Monáe puts her hands on her hips and slams the door in his face. She tells the guards that he is under no circumstances allowed inside. She returns back to her new students.

Director: Andrew Donoho Year: 2018

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