Video Review: Bastille “World Gone Mad”

From the 2017 film Bright, a police SUV drives down the road. Inside, Daryl (Will Smith) tells his partner, Nick (Joel Edgerton) that they have to forget being an orc and enforce the law. He explains that his responsibilities limited to “dope, money and guns” and Nick has to watch over him. Nick mutters that he doesn’t being lectured. Daryl says it’s important and he needs to know it. A helicopter flies overhead as they drive across a bridge.

Dan emerges from an overturned police car, his nose and face bloodied. He walks on the street and watches people run. Nick pauses while some orcs peer at him. The orc makes a finger gun at the police car as they drive away. Dan sees human police officers arrest two men and slam them against their vehicle. A second human police officer beats another man. A third human police officer tries to break up the fight. Two human men shout out the dangers of the orcs. His human friend holds up a sign reading “Beware the Dark Lord.”

Nick pauses in the street and helps a woman. An explosion occurs as Dan passes by a store. He covers his ears. Daryl motions for Joel to drive. Dan watches an abandoned horse run towards him and walks in the center of the street. He sees the police car and gets down on his knees. The Orcian protests continue in front of him.

Rating: 5/5

The wand in Dan’s pocket runs against his thigh as he walks. It’s his only saving grace. Martial law had been put in months ago as a response to riots in Los Angeles, California. The human police officers believed it was the rise in the violence and crime was due to the Orcians overruning the city. The Orcians resented being the enemy. They had stopped the corrupt humans, knowing their story would only led to their own arrests. It was really the elves, like him, that they were after.

However, the humans have since turned on the elves. The police officers arrested humans for elves and orcas for no reason. Dan had been thrown against the car as the police officer put handcuffs on him, calling him slurs and accusing him of murdering a young man. He breathed a sigh of relief as they shoved into the car. Neither patted him down or suspected he had a wand. The officers argued between each other as they drove. The police car sped and rolled over in an accident. The officers were dead. He woke up hours later, surprised to be still alive.

As he walked, he saw no one from his clan. They were likely in custody. The humans believed the elves were elite and were attempting a hostile takeover. Humans on television were calling for the elves to be taken out of the country. “Only humans understand suffering,” one human had said on a news show. There was no follow-up from the elf moderator who continued to let him talk.

The wand gave him power over the humans. Without it, they couldn’t revive their family members who have fallen ill or were killed in the riots. The wand was only thing keeping him alive. An arrest would guarantee him some safety.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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