Video Review: Camila Cabello & Young Thug “Havana (Version 2)

A young man plays the keyboard on the subway platform. Camila Cabello sings against a red-painted poster board for “Havana” in the subway. She and her friends dance by the West 8th Street sign.

She bends down, dancing by the metal pole. The subway train arrives in the station. She and her friends walk arm-in-arm down the stairs and enter the train. They dance in their seats. A couple of guys turn around and watch them.

A second young man dances in the aisles. She claps her hands by the poles. He swings on the pole and she joins in his routine. She looks out the window.

A man plays the trombone on the subway platform. She dances by him as she heads for the stairs. She and her friends dance by the “Havana” poster.

Rating: 5/5

New York City hasn’t been the same since she returned from her trip in Havana. Cuba. While visiting with some aunts and uncles, she befriended a young man who lived next door. He often helped out her aunt with some chores around the horse. Sometimes, they played Brisca together with her uncle.

On a walk together, he asked if he she remembered him. She had to say no. Unfortunately, her trips to Cuba had been sparse since was a child. He told they used to play together when she vacationed there with her family. Back home, he showed her a picture of them as kids, dirt on their faces. She laughs and says she remembers him now.

She split her time between her family and him. He kissed her as they walked along Trinidad. Her aunt and uncle celebrated seeing them dating. During the talks, she told him it could only be temporary. They could stay in contact but not be in a relationship. He said he would wait.

Back in New York City, she sees show many places she would love to show him. However, he isn’t hers anymore. No matter how long they stay apart, though, she will think of him as her true love.

Director: Sam Lecca Year: 2017

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