Video Review: Luke Combs “She Got The Best of Me”

Luke Combs opens his guitar case and takes it inside home. He walks on the “Times Heals Everything” doormat and watches the news on his computer. Several awards sit by the computer. In the kitchen, he turns on the radio and eats his breakfast. He drinks his beer and looks out the window.

He drives his car to Boone, North Carolina to play at a small club. A couple of friends greet him in the parking lot. A crowd of about hundred cheer for him as he plays. After playing, he gives some fans high-fives and talks with them. A man films him. Back at home, he continues to write music.

A line of people wait for him at the Klondike Cafe. He performs again and signs an autograph on a young woman’s arm. He heads back onto the expressway, passing the Welcome To Tennessee sign. A sign on a telephone advertises his appearance at the bar. A fiftysomething man films him on his phone and sends it to his boss.

The fiftysomething man and Combs drive in a RV through Tennessee, making a stop in Louisville. Combs plays with two other young men at the theater. On the next night, he plays in a stadium. While riding on the bus, he continues to sing and strum his guitar.

He walks off a stage, holding an award. The tour bus drives on the expressway.

Rating: 5/5

Luke Combs announces to the crowd of millions that hat they were largest audience on his tour. He thanks them and performs his encore. Backstage, he wipes tears from his eyes while the crew members and his band congratulate him after the show. He can’t believe it. He worked on the music from his debut album for years, perfecting it at dive bars and small clubs.

The people at the dive clubs often asked him if he planned on getting signed or if he had something available online. He offered them some homemade CDs and started a website in between his full-time job. A local North Carolina paper had called him “Country Music’s Next Big Star.” He was flattered by article but didn’t see himself becoming something other than a popular local singer.

A fiftysomething man had approached him after he played in a club. He gave Combs his card and promised to get him signed to major label. He shrugged it off at first. However, he Googled the name and the man’s picture showed up. He called him right back and arranged a meeting.

The fiftysomething man got him in the recording studio. He had put in his notice at his full-time job and started taking voice lessons as required by the record label. He spoke with the public relations representatives and went through media training. It left him exhausted and there were some days he slept 12 hours. However, it was worth it.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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