Video Review: Wilson Phillips “Release Me”

In black-and-white, Wendy, Carnie and Chynna watch the lights glow in the city from an apartment window. A young man swims in a pool.

Carnie hangs up the phone in her family room. At the dining table, Chynna passes a Carnie a photo to keep as a fire burns next to her,

Chynna sits up at the pool and a second young man places a hand on her shoulder. She looks up at him as she rubs his hand. He disappears.

Carnie, Chynna and Wendy sing at the piano.

Wendy sits at the table on the balcony and writes a letter.

Carnie sits on the piano bench.

Wendy, Carnie and Chynna stand in front of the window as the rain falls.

Rating: 1/5

Carnie relays the conversation she had with her crush to Wendy and Chynna over table. She says that he told her that he needs more time. Chynna slams her fork down on the plate and wants to know “apparently not enough time to ask you out on a proper date.” Wendy shoots her an aggravated look and rests her arms table, gesturing, “really?”

Chynna realizes Wendy has a point. She misses her ex-boyfriend. Sometimes she drives past her ex-boyfriend’s house. As she passes by, she thinks of the holidays she spent with his family and the intimacies they shared together in his bed. Although she’s dating someone else now, she still thinks of him.

Wendy, by herself, at the moment, marks off the singles event on her calendar. She has gone on numerous dates. The men she has met have been decent. However, it never went further than a couple of dates. She sits at her table, writes a letter to her first love. Although she doesn’t intend to send it, it lifts a weight off her shoulders.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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