Video Review: Drake “Nonstop”

In black-and-white, the fans cheer at London’s Wireless Festival. Backstage, Drake holds the microphone to his mouth and dances a little. A crew member whispers in his ear. A friend of his shouts “showtime” and encourages him.

He walks on stage, looking out at the crowd and starts to rap. The audience jumps up and down while they film with their cameras. Two security members carry a woman out of the crowd. Another young woman, grinning, is led away by security.

After the show, his car drives him to a bar. Cameras flash as he enters through the bar. He raps inside a narrow room decorated with paintings. In another corner, a stuffed grizzly bear sits on a throne, wearing a crown. French Montana flicks his lighter. He talks with a friend as watch the dancefloor from the balcony. By the bar, he calls out to his friends. Quavo sways at the counter.

On a rooftop, several tables are set with teapots. He sits at a table, wearing a durag and sips his cup of tea and points to a sculpture. He dances on the second level of the double decker bus as it travels through the city. People stop and film him.

Back on stage, he bows to the audience. Security sets up barricades and the police stand guard as his SUV leaves the venue.

Rating: 4/5

Drake runs over the lyrics in his head while he listens to the intro. He loosens himself up by moving around and dancing. Although he has been performing for years. he still gets nervous before getting up on stage. Usually, one of his best friends assures him he’ll do great. He nods but he doesn’t quite quell the fear of screwing up in millions of people.

He surveys the audience as he walks on stage. The crowd is rather rambunctious. However, he trusts security to keep him safe. Although they don’t tell him, he has heard where they thrawted overzealous female fans from climbing on stage.

With a couple days between shows, he decides to stay in London. He craves tea for his irritated throat. During afternoon tea, he lets out a refreshing sigh and takes in the view from the rooftop. The quiet is a pleasant break from the constant commotion in his life. He invites a friend of his to take a ride on a double decker bus. As he listens to the guide, he takes pictures. He waves to the people walking on the sidewalk. His manager taps him on the shoulder and says they have to cut the trip short and get off at the next stop. People are running out in the street without looking as the bus continues to drive. He says okay and wishes he could stay a little longer.

Director: Theo Skudra Year: 2018

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