Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Goodness Gracious”

The infrared cobalt waves race to shore. A light fuchsia lights the city. A citrus orange hue coats the sky. In downtown Los Angeles, a group of friends dance and hang out. In the early evening. Ellie Goulding leans against a railing of an Asian restaurant, singing while a young woman with teal hair talks with a friend.

At around midnight, she sits with her friends as they light sparklers. They roll white neon balls in the street and watch as they hit the building. She sits by herself on the pavement, resting her head on her knees. The palm trees, lining the street, turn white as the colors rotate from lavender and hunter green.

They run across the street and stop to see a psychic. A couple sits underneath the lavender and teal neon “spiritual advisor” sign. A friend watches a fish as it swims in an aquarium. A second friend applies her lipstick, which glows in the dark.

She dances with a friend in front of their apartment building. Both of their shoes light up. She gets inside another friend’s car and drives through the city. Several of her friends ride their skateboards back home. She smiles as she rides the skateboard.

She and her friends dance at a club.

Lit in infrared neon, people ride by on their bicycles and two people swing hula hoops around their waists.

Rating: 5/5

The psychic touches the lines on Ellie Goulding’s palm. After a dramatic pause, the psychic tells her she will find love among her friends and have many journeys around the world. The psychic adds she’s a creative person and will be able to utilize it in the future. Goulding pays her and giggles to her best friend as they walk out.

Her best friend puts his arms around her, saying he already loves her. She rests her head on his shoulder as they walk to their friends. Her best friend runs to his boyfriend and says the psychic told him he will experience a lavish and extravagant love. Her best friends shrugs and says he hopes involves faux fur boas and glitter.

She watches as everyone plays with sparklers. She says she’s planning to have some family over for their first Fourth of July. However, she doesn’t know what to buy. Her friends suggest hot dogs and hamburgers, stating its a staple for the holiday.

Walking along the sidewalk, they see a bar and decide to dance and drink until 3 a.m. She helps carry another friend into the car. She lies her head against the seat, feeling the light touch of the summer breeze on her face.

Director: King Burza Year: 2014

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