Video Review: AJR “Come Hang Out”

A group of friends stand together by the mantle, decorated by multiple neon lanterns. Adam, Jack and Ryan raise their heads as they stand in front of the mantle.

Jack sits on the couch with Adam and Ryan as he throws confetti in the indigo lit family room. Lit in teal, Jack leans against the wall as two women take turns drinking alone in the corner. Jack, Adam and Ryan sit at table with bowls of cheese curls and popcorn beside them. A couple of seats over, a group of friends play a drinking game.

They play in the bubblegum lit hallway. A young woman looks at her boyfriend as they walk down the azure lit hallway and close the door to the bedroom. People sit cross-legged on the floor with a half-eaten large pizza in a box in the middle. Another couple makes out by the microwave. They lie on the ceiling.

A second young woman smiles as she lounges by the pool. Several people jump into the pool. They swim underwater. A young man floats on a red lips float.

Adam holds a glass of beer in the empty family room while Ryan and Jack stand next to him. The group of friends toast to one another near the window.

Lit in scarlet, Adam stands in the center of the family room as people talk. He walks backwards through the house. As he enters the hallway, the color changes to azure. Adam stands on the porch.

Rating: 0/5

Adam scrolls through his social media. His best friend got married. His niece celebrated her 10th birthday. His parents moved into a new home. He and his brothers, Jack and Ryan are still on the road. He types congratulations on all their posts. He takes a picture of the radio station and says they are almost home.

Two months later, they return home. His best friend invites him to his housewarming party. Their friends ask them how they have been. However, as they talk about their band, people’s eyes start to glaze over. Some exclaim “cool!” But the conversation usually ends quickly. His best friend’s wife gives him a hug and says she wishes he worked 9 to 5 like everybody else. They live such a nomadic lifestyle that’s it hard to be friends with him. Adam reiterates that it’s his job. Although it may not seem like working, he spends hours in meetings. She nods and says it’s great to see him.

Over lunch the next day, Adam says he can’t wait to get back on the road again. Their longtime friends seem to resent their moderate success. Jack agrees, adding people seemed to like them better when they were playing for weddings and dive bars. Ryan puts his dirty dishes away and says he’s going to drive on the expressway. It feels like home to him.

Director: Ron Peters Year: 2018

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