Video Review: Maren Morris “Rich”

Maren Morris peeks out from the side of an overturned pick up and sees three men talking by a fire. She stumbles as she heads over to them. She laughs as they both get up and turns around to light her explosive device. They run off as she waves it around. A third man sleeps on the dirt. She wakes up him and throws her explosive device towards the two men.

Wearing a corset in a mansion, she tosses the vinyl sleeve over her shoulder and puts the record on the phonograph. In the morning, she rides her white horse as he walks, his wrists tied, behind her. The sheriff hooks her hands into her belt as he walks out of the saloon. She tips her hat a sixtysomething couple standing on their front porch. They watch as she drags her boyfriend on the ground.

She leads him to the sheriff. The sheriff spits. Morris dances around her mansion and tries on a red feather boa and twirls a parasol. Her boyfriend’s wanted poster is ripped from the billboard and she counts her money as she walks  out of the saloon.

Back at the mansion, she lies in the bathtub and drinks from her bottle of whiskey. In town, she walks past some of the houses.

Her boyfriend, shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist, touches his hand as he passes by her sitting in the bathtub. She winks.

Rating: 1/5

Her boyfriend’s fingers gripped the bars of the jail. The sheriff thanked Maren Morris for doing the right thing for turning him into the authorities. She assures Morris justice will be served in a swift manner.

With thousands in her pockets, she gets on her horse and heads towards a clothing store in the city. Splurges were uncommon. A corset was something she admired afar but scorned, knowing she couldn’t afford it. She got by and depended on a sixtysomething man to give her a job at their store. However, the hours were scattered. She had to pickpocket and concoct schemes to make ends meet.

It was her boyfriend who turned her to a life of crime. He was wanted by the authorities. She had seen the sign and he nodded to her. She needed the money.

A few hours later, she returned to the jail and bribed the deputy. The deputy let her boyfriend out and they returned home together. Her boyfriend told the deputy his favor has been repaid. At home, they develop new scams. The thrill of possibly getting caught runs through her veins. Without him, life would be a series of stores and dusty knickknacks.

Director: TK McKamy Year: 2018

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