Video Review: Little Mix “Shout Out To My Ex”

Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne stand outside their trailer, which is parked somewhere in the Tabernas Desert in Almeria, Spain. Leigh-Anne throws a fistful of popcorn towards Perrie’s mouth.  One kernel lands in her mouth and they both celebrate. Jesy licks an envelope and puts in the violet painted mailbox. They pack their luggage in the convertible and group hug before leaving.

They dance in the car as Leigh-Anne checks for traffic. The tires squeal as Leigh-Anne turns on the main road. They toss out teddy bears and jewelry from Perrie’s ex-boyfriend while they pass the sea lavender.

They stop at Motel Torches and sit on a couch set up on the grass. Perrie fans herself. Jade reads a book. They take photos each other. They dance by the pool. Perrie continues to fan herself as she sits on a white wicker chair.

They wave to Perrie’s ex-boyfriend, standing by the shoulder of the road, his thumb out. They drive past him.

At the trailer, Perrie pushes Leigh-Anne on a bicycle. As the sun sets, they stand together and hug. Perrie hangs onto a tree limb. They hold hands and raise their arms as they walk together in the desert.

Rating: 4/5

The stuffed teddy bear was the first gift Perrie’s ex-boyfriend gave her. It had been sitting in the back of the closet for a couple of months. She suggested donating it but her mother said to hold onto it a little longer. Any meaning from the tender moment has been tainted by his cheating and subsequent behavior. She calls up Leigh-Anne and asks if she wants to go camping in Spain.

Leigh-Anne says it sounds fun and coordinates with Jade and Jesy to figure out when they should go. Jade mentions she’s glad Perrie wants to go out again. She’s been miserable for months. Jesy offers to find the campground.

During the drive, Perrie says she’s finally feels like herself again. She looks at a picture of her and her ex-boyfriend. Turning to her friends, she says she doesn’t know who the person is in the photo. She was trying to make it work but deep down, she knew he didn’t care. Jesy rubs her shoulders and asks her if she’s ready. She nods her head yes. Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade each take something out of the cardboard box and throw it. Perrie grins and sighs. He’s no longer lingering the background. She can finally start a new chapter in her life.

Director: Sarah Chatfield Year: 2016

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