Video Review: Spandau Ballet “Gold”

Someone picks up a piece of a golden puzzle on the sand.

Wearing a suit, Tony stands by a window and walks in a room inside in his room.

Tony wipes his face as he walks in the desert. He rubs his eyes as he examines the sand. A fortysomething man startles him. The fortysomething man offers him a piece of the puzzle. A woman, painted in 24 karat gold, closes her eyes. as she appears in the room.

Tony glimpses a young woman skipping on top of a building. He follows a child down an alley. A little girl, sitting in a chair, gives him a piece and points him towards two men. The woman, painted in gold, steals the pieces of the men’s table. The dominoes fall and he catches one of them.

In the middle of the room, he picks up some sand and lets it run through his fingers. The woman holds her gold sunglasses and observes Tony. She removes them.

Tony discovers her sleeping in bed and opens his suitcase. He sets up the puzzle. As he walks by her, he sees a piece is connected and finds the final piece in her hand. He completes the puzzle.

In the mansion, the sand becomes a fountain.

Rating: 1/5

Tony almost gave up in the desert. He hadn’t run into a person for days. His stomach was rumbling for hours and he could hardly walk anymore. However, once he rested, a fortysomething handed him a piece of puzzle. The fortysomething man took him out to lunch and let him stay in his home for the afternoon. People still cared and he realized he wasn’t alone.

He continued on, despite his reservations. Although he believed he could each piece of himself, it was going to take time. He didn’t know how much longer he hold on. A little girl smiled at him and gave him a piece. They talked about her favorite show for a while. Her mother came by and said they had been waiting for him.

The final piece, though, seemed to be impossible to get. Each time he got close, a woman painted in gold, stole it. As the woman slept, he saw how the woman was connected to the puzzle. She was putting him through trials to give him strength. Once it was finished, he no longer doubted himself. He had to believe in himself.

Director: Brian Duffy Year: 1983

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