Video Review: Portugal. The Man, Richie Havens & Son Little “Number One”

Against a black background, a little boy wearing a red shirt watches a television screen. Pieces of light blink in his eyes.

Purple lasers crawl around a little girl’s face. Several lasers become cross at different points on her face.

Yellow and red roll across a little blonde boy’s body.

A circle hangs around an eleven year-old’s girl neck. A box covers her younger sister’s head.

Teal bubbles emit from an eight-year-old’s girl eyes.

Mulit-colored dots pock the little boy boy’s face. The lasers form a mask on the little girl’s face.

A little girl with blonde hair smiles as lasers swarm her, changing color.

Rating: 3/5

The little boy, wearing a red shirt, watches the violent footage on the news on the computer screen. The explosion looked like a movie. He types bomb into the search engine and finds more videos. Several news stories pop up and he sees people running. The last bit of innocence flicker in his eyes.

The little girl holds her breath, her eyes wide as she watches the worms slink through the corners of the pavement. The narrator explains the worms eat the grass on the ground. She lets out a silent scream.

The little boy watches the multi-color lights on the dance show. He absorbs the movements but doesn’t try them. He didn’t know people could bend their legs towards themselves. The man on the screen hugs his male partner  after they announce him as the winner. He wants to move like them and believes the man is the most beautiful person he has seen.

The little girl, with teal bubbles around her eyes, hates the cartoon on the screen. The kitty is silly for thinking it could be friends with the dog. She holds her back her tears. Her parents have told her she needs to suck it up. However, she’s sad all the time. She received an all-A report card and didn’t feel anything. Something is wrong and her parents won’t listen.

Director: Jason Kreher Year: 2017

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