Video Review: Kyle & Kehlani “Playinwitme”

The studio audience claps as Brick, the host of the 1992 game show, “Playin Wit Me” walks on stage. He does a call and response to the audience and explains that three people “compete for the girl of their dreams.” On screen, Chad (Kyle), Cody and Kehlani are introduced.

Kyle sits in the studio audience.

Brick introduces the “stunning Bianca,” who waves while sitting on her stool on the right side of the stage. The box underneath her says she’s 23 and has been on the show four times.

Chad says he’s from California and he’s “like, DTF man” Brick taps the next contestant, Cody on the back and tells him to go ahead. Cody says he’s from Lansing, Michigan and that he’s dedicated to his Grandma. The box underneath him explains he’s lost six times. Kehlani talks on her cell phone and asks Brick to talk into it.

A model waves by a Fiat SUV. During the game, they answer questions. Brick and Chad bond. Bianca smiles at the answers. Kehlani continues to talk on her cell phone. The bell rings for a break. Brick sits down on the floor and drinks his soda. The stylist touches up Kehlani and Bianca’s makeup. Chad attempts to flirt with the stylist.

A model displays a sign stating it’s the Q & A portion. Bianca reads the first card, which asks “if I were a sandwich, how would you eat me?” Chad says “straight up” as the audience catcalls him. Next, she asks “what animal are you most like in the bedroom?” Cody compares himself to a freshwater salmon that “flops around.” Bianca grins. Kehlani says she can’t top being a salmon and calls Bianca out.

Brick holds up saying “Surf’s Up.” Kehlani lies on the surfboard as it moves on the stage. Cody pretends to swim and clings to the surfboard. Chad balances himself on the surfboard and falls off.

Kehlani and Chad dance on the stage.

Kyle lies on a wheel of fortune with confetti strewn on it.

A winner is declared. Brick holds up a sign stating “Dance Off.” Bianca stands on stage, wearing a blindfold. The audience does the wave. They sway their arms in the air as Kehlani dances next to her. Chad pushes Brick off the stage and flaps his arms in front of him. Cody puts his hands on her butt and dances with her. Bianca takes off her blindfold and kisses Cody.

Confetti falls on the stage. Cody walks into the SUV with Bianca.

Rating: 3/5

The game show “Playinwitme” takes its original premise from the mid-60s “The Dating Game, “ which featured a man or woman who asked three people a variety of questions. Alongside the cutthroat 90s dating game shows which pit contestants against one another, “Playinwitme” is traditional in comparison.

Kehlani, though, was asked back several times by the producers. As a lesbian. she gave the show its shock value. However, she never won. She simply provided her scripted answers and hoped it would lead to a talk show or a bit part on television soap. Some of the young women shied away from her. The young men usually played along. The marketing team used the complaints against Kehlani to prove how cool they were to the teenage viewers.

However, it was young men such as Cody, who received repeat chances on the show. Cody was the square with a dirty mind. The producers pushed him until he won an episode. The longest running contestant was about 12 times. Commercials promoted his multiple appearances as a question of if he could find love. Men like Cody expected to win the show with a leading part in a period drama. Usually, they ended up some local cable access shows in their hometown.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2018

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