Video Review: Cardi B & Kehlani “Ring”

Inside a black splattered painted warehouse, Cardi B, entangled by telephone wires, moves her hands past her face. A rotary phone dials. Numbers on a switchboard on pressed. Kehlani  bends down inside the warehouse.

In the clouds, Cardi B hangs up the telephone in the booth. Next to her, several rows of booths float in the sky. The waves ripple in the ocean below.

Cardi B and Kehlani stand back-to-back inside a metal triangle. Cardi B leans against on the triangle and then points. Kehlani stays in the background, flipping her hair. A receiver springs up from a rotary phone and hangs in the air.

Kehlani puts her arm on Cardi B’s shoulder. Kehlani sits inside a single, floating telephone booth, her head in her hands. She yells into the phone. Cardi B sits on a small block between two triangles as Kehlani dances.

Telephone cords tied around her hands, Cardi B twists and turns inside the warehouse.

Rating: 3.5/5

A blackout of telephone and internet service occurs in the United States. Officials state a power grid was knocked out and people working around the clock to restore the lines. Businesses close down the day and people panic as they run to the grocery store.

Cardi B, soaring above the clouds, breaks the glass within a telephone booth. She heads to an industrial warehouse, tying herself to the cords and wires. She will stay there for hours until they loosen.

Kehlani waits for her by the metal triangles and tries to fix the tangled wires. As Cardi B’s guide, she is assigned to help to her control her powers in the heavens. Cardi B, though, discovered a loophole and was able to cause irreparable damage. Kehlani listens to her as Cardi B explains that she’s lonely and that she has to return back to Earth. Kehlan says she needs more time. However, Kehlani believes they are waiting on a call which will never come. The only way Cardi B can break free from the wires is for her lover to contact her. So far, there hasn’t been a word from him.

Kehlani watches a thunderstorm rattle houses and trees throughout the United States as Cardi B cries in the corner.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2018

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