Video Review: Night Ranger “When You Close Your Eyes”

Jack holds hands with his girlfriend as they walk in the forest after the prom. He wrenches his hand from her grasp and starts yelling. She throws her corsage at him.

Fifteen years later, the young woman serves breakfast to her dozen children while her chimpanzee husband sits at another table, reading the newspaper. The children pray and she peers through the blinds, looking outside. She sees herself on the football field, celebrating victory with Jack, the varsity quarterback.

Kelly leans on a convertible as Jack and young woman make out underneath the moonlight.

Night Ranger perform on stage.

At a bar, a young man talks with his friend. Filmed through a sepia filter, two friends clink their mugs. Jack, sitting at the counter, looks at the mirror and sees the young woman draped in crimson light. He does a double take and realizes it was an illusion. He tips over his glass.

The young woman cleans up the counter at home. In a pickup truck, she yells at her husband while her children sit in the back.

The young woman shuts her eyes as she looks out the window. She drags out the trash and spots Jack driving in his convertible.

Night Ranger continue to play on stage.

Rating: 2/5

A seven-year-old boy throws some food at her little sister. The 35-year-old woman takes the food out of his hands and scolds for bothering his sister. He shouts that he hates her. She breaks up two of her other children eating straight the ice cream cartons. One of her children says she feels sick. Her husband sits in the family room, watching television, saying nothing.

The only man who treated her well was her high school boyfriend, Jack. On prom night, their relationship ended, though. He told her he needed to be alone. She explained that she didn’t want to break up. He added that he didn’t want to be pressured into dating her while they went to college. She walked away.

College didn’t last long for her. She met a man in her English class. They slept together in his dorm and then found out she was pregnant. She dropped out and watched him graduate with honors. Her husband shamed her for lack of education and rolled his eyes whenever she expressed an opinion. He called her a simple housewife. If it weren’t for the children, she would have gone.

Jack believes he was hasty during his breakup from his high school girlfriend. He hasn’t seen her in years but believes she still lives in town. His friends tell her she’s in a miserable marriage. He wanted more for her. Although he has had long-term relationships and almost got married himself, she always stayed in the back of his mind.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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