Video Review: Shakira “Empire”

Wearing a golden wedding gown, Shakira leans against a fractured, copper wall.

The ushers open the church doors and she sees her friends and family waiting for her. The priest stands by the altar. She slumps her shoulders and drops her bouquet. She runs in a meadow. On the church steps, she throws her hands up as her wedding gown burns.

In a black, cutout dress, she dances in the gutted church. She raises her arms, summoning a swirling, golden circle in the ceiling. She continues to dance in the church.

Rating: 3/5

The rose petals crunched underneath Shakira’s feet. Every step to the altar was heavy. In the dressing room, her mother had put her hand over hers and assured her the nerves would go away once she saw her groom. However, seeing everyone waiting only exacerbated the pressure within her. The closer she got, the air in her lungs tightened. There was no choice but to run.

The enchanted meadow imbued her with emotional strength. She danced around, feeling freer than she had in years. The pure white clouds rolled along in the sky, promising a better future for her. Everything was going to be okay.

Returning to the church, she discovered the failure of multiple marriages and lost faith had crushed its foundation. Its faithful parishioners had strayed to false prophets. The priest, who once told her, to trust in God, had stolen millions and hid it in various accounts. She kneeled at the warped wooden pew and said a prayer. Above, a circle spun gold. Within the swirls, she saw the silhouettes of angels. The light from their halos brightened the copper walls and filled in the cracks. She hadn’t ever been a pariah.

People believed she had been selfish with her decision and stopped talking to her. Her fiance had threatened her with financial ruin. Her parents had been disappointed, thinking she had let an honest man go. However, inside the church, she had no reason to hide in shame. Her lover walks to her and kisses her.

Director: Darren Craig Year: 2014

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