Video Review: The Chainsmokers & Emily Warren “Side Effects”

Riley (Camila Mendes) scowls as she leans against the wall near her desk, waiting for her shift to end. She answers the phone and her manager asks her to stay until 5 a.m. She walks down the hallway and tears off her shirt. Wearing a pink cropped top and flowery skirt, she dances by the jacuzzi.

By the pool, she moves her skirt, passing by a couple making out in the water. She makes funny faces at the security guard, standing by a golden curtain with his arms crossed around his shoulders. She puts her elbow on his shoulder and flips her hair.

Rotating in electric blue and lime green, the various occupants of the first floor rooms lift weight and dress for a night out. A group of three young women dance while a young man dribbles a beach ball with his friends. She pauses to catch her breath. Fireworks go off behind her as she walks back inside.

In the hallway, decorated with balloons and lit with rotating neon colors, she kicks up her leg and continues to dance. She jumps into the pool and swims.

As the sun comes up, she pushes back a strand of her wet hair and grins as she walks home.

Rating: 5/5

The young woman pushes the cart and knocks on the door. Using her key, she opens it and heaves from the stench of fast food and dirty clothes abandoned on the floor. In two hours, she’ll be going home. She plans on streaming a a new show before bed. As she cleans the toilet, she receives a message that her manager wants to talk to her.

She heads to the lobby and waits for him by the desk. The concierge said he just left and that he’ll call instead. She taps her foot. She has about a half hour left before clocking out. On the phone, he tells her a few people called off and he needs her to stay throughout the night. He thanks her and tells her she’ll have tomorrow off instead.

Tears spring in her eyes. Although she had only planned to watch television, it was something to look forward to after working eight hours. With another eight hours ahead of her, it’s as though she’s trapped. However, she takes extra long breaks and a second lunch. She takes her time as she cleans the rooms, turning the volume up on her phone as she dances. She joins a party in another room and does some shots with the guests.

In the morning, she makes herself a waffle and goes back for seconds. She stuffs some bagels in her purse and punches out. On the walk home, she watches lights turn on in the diners and a few people stumble out of bars. A bouncer waves to her and she smiles as she watches the sun rise in the sky.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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