Video Review: David Guetta & Anne-Marie “Don’t Leave Me Alone”

Anne-Marie stretches her leg on her bed in the sunlit bedroom. She turns to the left side of the bed and checks her alarm. She sits up in bed and looks out the window. She walks into the bathroom and brushes her teeth. In the kitchen, she puts some cereal in a bowl and stands by the sinking, eating.

Wearing an black-and-white outfit, she dances by some white lasers.

Anne-Marie studies her artwork at her desk and then sees an opened white box. She touches the virtual reality headset and puts it over her eyes. In an electric blue lit club, she walks to a young man. His eyes glow once he sees her. She removes it and then puts the headset back on again.

She and the young man dance in front of the screen, projecting a fuchsia swirl. She touches his face and they end up standing back-to-back in a garden. On a snow covered mountain, they walk in a circle together. A butterfly flies away. They take a gondola ride.

In a ruby red lit garage, the young man puts some money in his friend’s hand. As she watches the snowflakes, he disappears. She looks to see where he went. Back inside her home, she takes off the virtual reality headset.

Rating: 3.5/5

Another day of waiting. However, as Anne-Marie sits up in bed, she realizes she prefers no answer at all regarding her portfolio. A proposal for a commission fell through. It would’ve given her some press. At the last minute, they had decided to include people who were able to visualize their voice and had long-term experience in their craft. Anne-Marie shakes her head. To her, it was simply creating a motivational piece in front of an office building. The pretension was over-the-top.

As she eats breakfast, she avoids the pile of bills stacked on the kitchen table. A few were due yesterday. However, she chose her medication this month. Without her medication, she can’t breathe. At 24 years old, she believed she would be living in New York with a group of young artists like herself. They’d be surviving on ramen and collaborating on projects together.

New York lasted six months. She returned home and stayed with some friends for a while. She continues to push along with her art. But each day, she considers throwing away her pencils and sketches. On the Internet, she splurged and bought a virtual reality headset.

For several hours, she dances in a popular club in New York, She falls in love with a young man and they travel around the world together. She searches for him during different parts of the day. She believes he works an office job. She is able to see him on the weekends. They never speak to one another. She thinks about where he lives and wonders if she ever ran into him in real life.

She sits in a meeting at a work, discussing her 401k and realizes she won’t ever get out. Her art career won’t ever happen. She takes her break in the bathroom and cries.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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