Video Review: Pussycat Dolls “When I Grow Up”

On Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, Ashley taps her fingers on the car and glances at Melody. Nicole sits in the middle, sunglasses on and stretches. Kimberly sighs. They dance inside the car and wave at a young man. His girlfriend slaps him in the arm for nodding at them. They walk in the road and climb on top of other cars, dancing on the hoods.

Glistening stars swarm them as they walk together on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A helicopter flies over the city. They stop at a donut shop and dance outside it. Kimberly moves a mailbox out of the way at the Red Line for room. They continue their routine and climb up the metal structure. A construction worker holds a “slow” sign.

Nicole whips her hair by the flashing letters of the Pussycat Dolls sign. She punches the camera and the glass breaks. They dance in front of the sign. A director films them as some members of the crew stand by.

Rating: 2/5

A yellow sign posted on the grass states the construction expected end date. It was two weeks ago. Carmit complains she’s bored. Kimberly mutters that construction never ends. Nicole lays back and then turns up the radio. After dancing in the car, they decide to leave their car and walk around downtown Los Angeles.

Nicole walks on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and declares her spot. She prefers to be near Cher or Madonna. By the donut shop, the manager offers to shut the bakery down to allow them to order. A young woman hands out flyers and mouths “Oh my god!” She hands one to Nicole and can’t say anything. Nicole nods to her and takes a flyer. Once they reach the subway,  Nicole balls up the piece of paper and throws it away.

At the subway station, she rolls her eyes as the attendant tries to sell her ticket. She points to the group and shouts, “do you know who I am?” The attendant lets them go without paying. Nicole checks her phone and answers her texts from all the famous people on her contact list. She deletes her friends from high school.

They arrive at the photo shoot. Nicole informs her manager that she needs a flight out to New York and can’t stay long. The manager says he’ll see what he can do.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2008

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