Video Review: The Pointer Sisters “I’m So Excited”

Alongside the cursive writing of “You Are Invited,” Ruth, June, and Bonnie dance in silhouette inside a lavender circle of the invitation.

June sits at her vanity, in her lingerie and puts on some lipstick. Bonnie rolls around in bed while Ruth blows bubble in the bath. June rubs some perfume on her neck and takes the invitation on the table.

At the lounge, the cameras flash as they arrive. The servers lead them to their table. The men glance over at them. A female server dances to the table. They  toast one another and drink. A few men approach them. One tries to impress them with his dancing skills. They tip over the table and begin to dance. The female server sits on a male customer’s lap and chugs from a liquor bottle.

On stage, a pianist accompanies several male dancers as they perform their routine. Ruth, June, and Bonnie walk on stage as they return to the floor. As the Pointer Sisters sing, the customers dance. While they leave the stage, the customers and employees form a line behind them.

Rating: 3/5

The invitations for multiple charity events stacked up on Ruth’s table. Some event coordinators pleaded with them to attend while others invented an honor. Others hardly acknowledged them and expected them to be there. However, an invitation for a local event from their hometown included a personal letter from the event coordinator. The event coordinator had written that the Pointer Sisters had made it out as a family and worked together. It embodied the values of their charity. She asked, the money donated would go to help other families in their city have a chance at success.

Ruth, June and Bonnie agreed they would do it. It would be a way of giving back, The group made a private donation and met with some families. One family was trying to open a diner in their area but lacked the funds. Bonnie said they would be there for their grand opening. A mother and daughter had their sewing equipment stolen and were in need of some supplies. Ruth ordered a handmade skirt from the mother.

Usually, charities dangled them in front of donors and the honor often was hollow. However, at the event, they ran into local business owners they frequented as children and chatted with some neighbors they knew. It had been a humbling return home.

Director: Kenny Ortega Year: 1984

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