Video Review: Zedd & Elley Duhé “Happy Now”

A young woman closes her eyes and swims underwater in the pool. She glances over at her boyfriend, lounging by the patio. Over dinner, she drinks her wine, watching her best friend giggle at something her boyfriend said. In the kitchen, she pours herself another glass of wine as her friends dance in the family room. Her best friend dances with her best friend, her hands on his back.

Under water, she sizes her boyfriend up as he swims by her.

From the hallway, she watches as her boyfriend kisses her best friend. He closes the door of her bedroom.

In the morning, she walks barefoot to the bathroom and opens the medicine cabinet. She takes out a needle. At the dining table, she puts the powder in his glass and then offers everyone some drinks. She gives him his drink and then waits. As she drags herself on the pavement, he runs off. Inside the house, she calls the police.

He crawls on the ground as the police arrive. They lift him up and carry him into the car. She limps over to one of the police officers and asks for help. A small smile crosses her face as she sees him in the backseat of the police car.

Rating: 5/5

One down. The young woman discusses her testimony with her lawyer. He advises her the judge can see through transparent stories and to be careful not to elaborate. She tells him goodbye and says that she will see him in court on Monday. Her boyfriend was going away for a long time. The domestic violence charges were the first of the charges he had to face.

Through an investigator, her lawyer had discovered had bilked millions of dollars from his consulting business. A trial was set. Her best friend, who had been sleeping with him, feigned innocence but she had been creating the databases and assisting customers.

She had expected him to get a night in jail and a bruised ego. Her best friend and boyfriend would’ve left the group quietly. It would be a secret they would only share. Seeing him on the news, though, was an unexpected surprise.

Their small, upper-middle class community had been rattled. His parents were ostracized. Former donors to his startup were reaching out to her. Women were contacting her, saying they had been harassed by him. The domestic violence charges had set off a scandal the area hadn’t experienced in decades.

Director: Dori Oskowtiz Year: 2018

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