Video Review: Imagine Dragons “Natural”

Wearing a 19th century suit, Dan sits by a window. On the kitchen table, worms crawl on rotting food. A piano plays by itself. Couples in white, with masks over their eyes, dance. A creature with long arms plays the piano. A young woman lies in the bathtub.

In the backyard, Dan, Wayne, Ben and Daniel perform on the grass.

Dan stomps on the ground as he digs a grave. Crows fly above him. The young woman reaches out with her hands from her coffin.

Inside the home, a lightbulb swings in front of Dan. A goat stands in the family room. A young man, wearing white, claps his hand and a white clay mask forms on his face. A little girl, also in white, stands by the window. Dan sits in his study with several ghosts behind them.

The young woman, out of breath, holds a knife in the backyard. The creatures and ghosts surround her. Dressed in black, they attend her funeral. She stretches out her arm from her grave. He lies on the ground, punching the grass as she touches her coffin. A tiger jumps on a zebra. A skeletal hand picks up the house. A man turns to sand,

Rating: 0/5

The female realtor asks the thirtysomething couple if they would like to visit a haunted home. She says, about dozen ghosts still reside in the home while the spirit of the deranged husband, still lingers. The couple nods yes and she drives them to the home.

According to the legend, the husband had been slowly losing his mind. His wife feared him but believed he would recover. She blamed the other ghosts compelled his violent instincts. Music would play on its own and she heard toys clanking in the hallway. However, he eventually killed her with the ghosts’ blessing. Even in death, she forgave him.

The realtor leads to the spacious lawn and taps the spot she is determined to be buried. She adds the spirit of the young woman has calmed the ghosts. Some past residents reported hearing humming and flowers blooming unexpectedly in the garden. Others have seen the young woman and her husband dancing by the window.

The couple puts a bid on it, explaining Halloween is their favorite holiday. The realtor hears footsteps on the second floor.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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