Video Review: Lady Gaga “Poker Face”

Lightning strikes in the sage sky as Lady Gaga, wearing a black, one-shoulder bodysuit and silver masquerade mask, walks out of a pool. Droplets of water glisten on her skin as she crouches by two dogs. She tosses her mask.

She dances by a crystal circle.

While walking around the patio of the mansion, she passes clear mannequins, waiting to serve. She sits backwards on the lounge chair.

Wearing a lapis cutout bodysuit, she and several dancers perform as fire burns over the waves of the water.

She walks into the gold beaded curtain and plays a game of poker with some people. A man takes off his suit jacket as she places two aces on the table.

In the middle of the couch, several men next to her. Back at the poker game, a woman removes her leather shorts. A few hands later, she is in her bra and panties. The men drink in their underwear.

Wearing a nude bodysuit and a bow in her hair, she rests her leg on the shoulders of a plastic mannequin and glances at the shirtless man sitting next to her. She touches his back and he falls by her. They kiss.

She continues to dance in front of the crystal circle.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lady Gaga pays the host of the poker game. The host, in her discount dress, points to the buffet table to the right and tells her to help herself. She side eyes the host and gets a foam plate at the buffet table. After picking through the roast chicken, she heads to the open bar and asks for a Fountain of Youth. The bartender stumbles and says he isn’t sure what that is. She taps her fingers on the counter and asks for a martini instead.

Her friend gives her air kisses as she holds her plate. Her friend glances over the host, comments that no expense was spared. She takes her cards as the dealer hands them out and notices the two aces. She keeps her expression blank and continues to listen as her friend talk about her finds from Bergdorf’s. Her friend flashes her bracelet and says only one hundred of them have been made. Lady Gaga says her sister’s cotillion went well. She slipped her sister a flask to help her get through the afternoon.

Lady Gaga wins her first hand. People take off their pants. A young man says her owes a thousand dollars. She tells him to put it on his tab. He can repay it back to her in other ways. She shrugs, saying “money is money.” Next week, she receives another check from her trust fund. Currently, it’s funding her gap year.

Her friend asks her if she’s going back to college next year. Lady Gaga takes a card and explains her parents haven’t sent in their donation yet. The young man lays out his cards and tells her to take off her shirt. A few hours later, she stumbles into the family room of the mansion in her underwear and passes out.

Director: Ray Kay Year: 2008

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