Video Review: Chris Brown “To My Bed”

Sand flies in the golden honey desert. A young woman, wearing white thigh high boots and a dress, walks down a hallway of dozens of people in pods. A drone intones: “initiating Chris Brown.” Brown drops from his plastic husk. As he gets up, the young woman walks away.

Lit in electric blue, he and several women stand on a platform built on a pool. They perform a dance routine. He dances alone on the platform.

He dances on the sand. The young women crawl on the sand next to him. A second young woman contorts her body on the steps. He dances by himself on the steps.  The young woman waits for him. He walks towards her and she shoves him against the wall.

A large hand encircles him on the ground. As he looks up, it plucks him from the sand.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman valued her experiments. At all hours of the day, she walked the hallway and surveyed each human hybrid. She named them all and had them programmed to think of her as their mother. However, once they were out of their pods, she turned her back on them as they reached for her.

In the middle of the night, she barked orders at her staff to maintain the hybrids and feed them. Humans, she realized, were complicated and sometimes were quick to pick up on her manipulations. She preferred the company of her growing hybrids. However, she longed for a partner and demanded that her staff create one for her.

Chris Brown, though, could be not controlled. Although he loved her, she had designed to push back on her advances. Her staff warned he may become violent. She said she could handle him and then pulled a thin strip on his back. She switched off his system and then put him back in his pod, stating some corrections were required.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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