Video Review: Mötley Crüe “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)”

In sapphire lit New York City, New York, A butcher throws some discarded meat in some trash cans and shoos a stray dog away. A young woman breaks her heel as she walks on the sidewalk. She hands her shoe to a homeless man. Vince sleeps in his bed.

In California, Mick calls up Vince from a payphone. Vince throws his phone. Vince puts on his shirt and looks out his window. Tommy, Nikki, and Mick walk down Hollywood Boulevard. A teenaged young man skateboards between them and asks for an autograph. Two young women chew their gum and admire Mick, Tommy and Nikki.  They stop to pool at a bar. Mick calls up Vince again.

Vince packs up his suitcase. He gives some money to the homeless man and pats his dog on the head. Tommy, Nikki and Mick pass by bikers as they head for S.I.R. Rehearsal Studio. Vince hails a cab and then boards a private plane.

At the studio, they warm up. Tommy grins as Vince walks inside, tossing his jacket on the floor. Vince gives Nikki a high-five and puts his arm around Mick. He tunes Nikki’s guitar and puts his jacket over the camera.

Rating: 5/5

Vince buys a hot dog from a street vendor. The street vendor asks him about his music. As he takes a bite, he explains he’s taking a break. It was getting to be too much. He says hello to the homeless man and gives him one of his hot dogs. The homeless man thanks him.

The phone rings as he gets inside his apartment and he ignores it. It’s likely Tommy, wanting to know when he’s coming back. There’s an upcoming rehearsal appointment. He thinks he may skip it.

In Hollywood, Tommy, Nikki and Mick discuss if Vince is ever going to return. Tommy shrugs and says he’s contractually obligated to do so. Mick worries he may screw the band over, stating they have been working hard to break through. Nikki says Vince isn’t going to go anywhere.

Mick calls again and Vince finally answers. To his surprise, Vince says he’s on his way. Mick tells him there’s a plane waiting. At the studio, their manager wants to know if Vince is coming. Mick says he just talked to him and he’ll be here in a few hours. Their manager grabs a liquor bottle and chugs it.

Two hours later, Vince arrives. He asks everyone how they are doing and calls Nikki his best friend. The manager watches in the corner, wondering how long it’s going to last. He calls the record label, wanting to know if their any new accounts.

Director: Blanche White Year: 1990

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