Video Review: Jonas Blue & JP Cooper “Perfect Strangers”

A plane lands in Cape Town, South Africa. A young woman takes the bus to her motel. A young man hitches a ride. She brushes a strand behind her ear as she passes the young man in the market. She listens as a man points to his paintings while another tells her about his hand crafted elephant. She looks at the necklaces and sees the young man smiling at her.

At the aquarium, she touches the glass and watches a turtle swim by. On the other side, he views the fish. She hikes through the mountains during sunset. He jumps off a diving board and spins into the ocean. By the beach, several children dance. She walks on the beach. He meets some friends in town and skateboards in the street with them.

During another hike, they pass one another on the bridge. They hold hands and stare at the lake. At the beach, they cuddle on a rock and kiss. She rides piggyback as they walk in the city. The children dance in town.

Rating: 5/5

The young man holds her hand in on the beach and says he remembers the first time he saw her. She was waiting for her bus. He caught her awestruck expression as she viewed the city. She told him she remembering seeing him at the market. He touches her necklace and then kisses her.

She says she glad she finally met him. They kept bumping one another. It seemed to be fate. He explains he had been backpacking through Europe and almost went home. He was going to only spend a few days in South Africa and return home. However, he thinks he’s going to extend his trip. She cuddles next to him, telling him they have so much to do together next week. She doesn’t ask where he lives. She prefers not to know. A week feels like forever now. However, he dreads the goodbye. It will likely the last time they’ll be together.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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