Video Review: Usher & Alicia Keys “My Boo”

On television, Usher sits by the counter. with several young women standing next to him. He lifts up his shirt and leans into the young woman by him. A second young woman pulls out a liquor bottle. He sits on top of the hood of the car. The young women join him.

Usher throws his jacket and sits down on the couch. He turns off the television and lies down.

Alicia Keys lies on her bed, looking up at her silver chandelier hanging above her. She puts some lipstick on at her vanity and glances at the elementary school photo of her and Usher tucked into the frame.

Usher leaves his apartment and walks to the subway. She gets her jacket. The driver opens the car door for her and she gets inside. She looks at the lights in Times Square in New York City, New York. While crossing the street, he puts his hands on the hood of a cab and gestures, “what are you doing?”

He sees her and puts his hoodie down. They hug one another.

Rating: 4/5

Alicia Keys often wondered about her childhood best friend, Usher. In their classes, they often got trouble for talking and were separated. However, they found each other during recess and continued to play. She was over his house at least twice a week. Her mother remembered to spaghetti whenever he came over for dinner.

By freshman year of high school, though, she and Usher had drifted apart. They said hello to one another but didn’t talk to one another. She watched as he dated one girl after another throughout the years. In the hallway, she overheard former girlfriends say he wouldn’t open up and they mainly made out the entire time. It was a shadow of the boy she used to know.

Usher, though, spotted her in the halls and tried to talk to whenever he could. He tried to stretch out their limited conversations but he could sense her holding back. He walked to class, head down, missing their friendship. He wondered if they ever would be close again. By senior year, he had given up.

A few years after graduation, he needed to get out of his apartment and decided to talk a walk down to Times Square. His nerves tingle as he sees her crossing the street to him. He put his arms around her and kissed her. It was as though they she hadn’t ever left his side.

Directors: Chris Robinson & Usher Year: 2004

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