Video Review: Aaliyah “4 Page Letter”

Aaliyah treks through the forest. She climbs over rock and tree limbs. Seeing an aqua light, she removes her sunglasses and hides behind a bush to watch a young man dance. The leader grips the chains in his hand and looks at the first young man dancing.

She sings by a tree.

She walks back to the Redemption village. A family watches her from their tent. She sees him hanging from a cage and performs a routine for him with her two male dancers. A letter she wrote to him flies to him.

In a ring, a fight breaks out between the first young man and their leader. Aaliyah aims her hand toward the road, sparking a fire. She helps the first young man up and they dance. The villagers watch them.

Rating: 4/5

The leader turned his back on Aaliyah. She demanded for him to listen to her. Pointing to the cage, she said the young man was harmless. The leader asked for proof. She replied she watched him and realized he was alone. Although he stayed close to the village, he searched for food on the road and begged. The thief within village is one of their own.

The leader agreed to let him out. However, under one condition. She realized there would be strings. There always were. She believed he was covering up information about the thief and it was likely someone within the inner circle. The leader said he must win a fight.

The young man was weak. It would be a death sentence. She called out “No!” Her parents held her back and told her she had to accept the terms. The young man was on his own. She burst into tears, saying she was in love with him. It can’t happen. Her parents told her it was time.

From her tent, she heard his cries as he fought. She walked to the ring and lit it on fire. The leader stood agape. The villagers bowed to her. The leader called out for order. The villagers, realizing they had been deceived, crowded him and advised Aaliyah to follow her heart.

Director: Daniel Pearl Year: 1997

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