Video Review: OneRepublic “Connection (Version 2)”

In black-and-white, Ryan sips his coffee as he people watches inside Voyager Espresso. People walk in The Oculus in New York, New York, staring at their hands. A young woman looks up. He drives in the city, his headlights flashing red as he turns.

At the Oculus, he passes by people while he takes the escalator. In the center, he searches for someone to ask a question. The young woman begins to dance.

Cobalt lights shine within the lines of the building as Ryan performs with his band.

Back in black-and-white, a second young woman presses her hand against the young woman’s forehead as she continues to dance. She meets Ryan’s eyes. Ryan runs up the stairs and looks over the railing.

In color, Ryan and the band perform.

The young woman, her yellow dress highlighted in the black-and-white, sees Ryan by the railing.

Rating: 2/5

A muscle stings inside Ryan’s arm. He gasps while sitting at the table. Turning around, the barista giggles at something on her phone. He drives to The Oculus. He has to get to the hospital now.  Wide-eyed and mouth dry, the words form his mouth but get cut off by the curious stares.

The businessmen tap their phones and analyze their stock apps. The female businesswomen trample through the crowd, ignoring anyone in their way. A young woman, seeing the fear in Ryan’s eyes, tries to get someone to listen. A female businesswoman pushes back, telling her it’s a public place and she’s putting everyone in danger.

Ryan dry heaves. People roll their eyes, calling him a drunk or a pig as they pass. Several security guards inform the woman she is causing a disturbance. She describes Ryan, stating he looked sick and was about to collapse. She tells the police to please search for him. He needs help.

He lies down by the railing, sweating. The police find him and ask him if he’s okay. His voice hoarse, he says his arm hurts and he feels warm. They call for an ambulance. As they help him up, he sees the young woman, watching. He smiles at her. She saved his life.

Director: Joe Prout Year: 2018

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