Video Review: Keith Urban “Never Comin Down”

The Lyft driver (Keith Urban) adjusts his mirror and tips his hat to the young man sitting in the backseat. The young man closes the door and takes a deep breath. He walks up the stairs of the bar and through the scarlet tinsel curtain.

Behind the bar, he sees the bartender (also Keith Urban) playing his guitar. Hands at his sides, the young man walks towards the bar as people dance. A young woman bumps into him and he inches away. He stands at the bar with his drink. A second young woman clinks his glass with his. He turns around to watch the people dance. A third young woman pulls him onto the dance floor.

The bartender grins as he sees the young man shuffle his feet. The bartender pours a drink while the young man line dances. The young man puts his hand on his head as catches his breath.

Rating: 5/5

The young man’s hands tremble as he stands in the middle of the dance floor. He can’t believe he went out on the dance floor. The third young woman says he’s a good dancer. She points to her friends and asks him if he would like to hang out with them. He talks with her friends about his job and tells him he likes to draw during his free time. The bartender walks over and slaps him on the back, exclaiming “all right!” The bartender wants to know where it came from. The young man says it’s from dancing in his home.

The young man exchanges phone numbers with the bartender and the young woman. The young woman walks with him by the door and gives him a kiss. He blushes and she tells him she’s glad he got a chance to talk to him. While waiting for the Lyft driver, he scrolls through the new contact numbers on his phone.

On a Saturday night, he’s usually at home, watching television. He walks with his head down at work and fumbles over words whenever his crush talks to him. He has some friends but they have significant others and children, which it makes tough it see him. His sister comments on his social media post, saying it was great to see him out having fun.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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