Video Review: Natalie Cole “Dangerous”

Inside the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, California, Natalie Cole rides the elevator to the first floor. She dances on the first floor. A young man sees and runs towards the opposite. He dances in the blinding light. She walks down the stairs and hangs onto a column and watches him as he sits on one of the steps.

He tosses her a poker chip and she catches it in her palm. She puts her hands on her hips as he grins her from the second floor. She rides to the elevator to meet him on the second floor. He waves to her as she pushes the button.

In her bedroom, she sees him sitting on her windowsill. He tips his hat to her and leaves. She walks to her window and sees him on the sidewalk. Taking the poker chip off the table, she walks downtown Los Angeles at night and searches for him. She sees him at the entrance of the club. He turns around and she hides behind the door of a building.

She pauses at Sincess’ Gifts and continues to walk. A little boy nods at the young man and he walks into a building.

In her bedroom, she unties her robe. Wearing his undershirt, he waits for her.

The little boy directs her inside the building. Through the beaded curtain, she sees him playing craps. A young woman hangs onto his arm. She shoves the bouncer and pushes the young woman against the wall. She laughs and walks out. He chases after her.

He follows back home and enters her bedroom through the window. He sees her vase of flowers and offers it to her. She grins at him as she closes the door.

Rating: 2/5

Natalie Cole tells her mother her boyfriend is running late. Her mother shakes her head and asks if he’s at the casino again. She crosses her arms against her chest and answers he’s stuck in traffic. Her mother “mm hmm’s.”  She gets the bowl of spaghetti from the kitchen and places it on the table, adding they might as well eat. Her mother tells her that her boyfriend is going to drag her down.

Her boyfriend arrives two hours later, apologizing for missing dinner. Cole demands to know where he was. “The bar,” he responds. She puts her head down and asks him to leave. He reiterates that he’s really sorry. She tells him to go back to his poker game.

In two months, he had lost hundreds of thousands dollars. He assured her he had it covered. However, she was careful to keep her doors locked at all times. A goon, to whom he owed money, could spring out at anytime. They knew who she was. However, she was committed to helping him. She believed he could get his gambling under control. All he needed was time. Every so often, she paid off some of his debts. She couldn’t see him end up get hurt.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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