Video Review: Monica “U Should’ve Known Better”

Monica stands in her backyard of her California home.

A year ago, she wrote a check out to a male friend. A man sits in the car, watching him and shakes his head.

At home, Monica lies on blanket in the family room, viewing home videos of when she and her boyfriend (Young Buck) attended a party. The man gives the phone to her boyfriend. He calls Monica, letting her know he’s in jail. She writes a letter to him.

In prison, he breathes the cold air and tracks the days with chalk marks on the wall. His friend meets with a guard at a halfway point. She walks around the house in her pink bathrobe. His friend gives her some photos.

She drives to Mexican border, where two agents look at her passport and let her cross. Her boyfriend argues with guard and paces in his cell. She walks into the city and passes two boys playing soccer in the road. She stops to ask a fortysomething man directions. At the prison, she speaks to the guard outside. The guard sets her boyfriend free. They hug.

Rating: 3/5

The secretary at the Senator’s office said he was in a meeting and will answer his voicemail as soon as possible. Monica brushed tears away from eyes and asked to be put through. She pleaded with the Senator to save her innocent boyfriend. She watches some videos of them together and wishes he was back home. She joins his family as they talk to the media. She tells a reporter she hasn’t given up hope.

His lawyer calls her and advises her they are continuing to work on his case. The judge sentenced him. He assures he’ll be home soon. After hanging up the phone, she cries and writes a letter to him. She asks his lawyer to give it to him and for some photos. She needs to know he’s okay.

Her boyfriend slumps in his seat as his lawyer arrives and hands him an envelope. It was a letter from Monica, saying she’s waiting for him and to be safe. A resigned smile crosses his face. and he tucks the letter next to the knife in his jeans. His lawyer says he’ll be out in about a month.

Monica puts in for time off at work. She gets her passport in order and packs for Mexico. His lawyer says he’ll be with her and advises her to contact him every half hour of her whereabouts. She receives directions from a local and finds the prison. She sees him walk out of the prison, his face drawn and puts her arms around him.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2004

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