Video Review: Disclosure & Lorde “Magnets”

Lorde, wearing a white dress, stands by the pool by herself, looking at the mansions below. She walks back to the party, staring at a young man as he talks with his wife and some friends. He catches her gaze and pauses.

During the afternoon, he pounced on Lorde as they walked towards one another in the kitchen. He pressed her against the window as they kissed. She untangled herself from his grasp and left. His wife gave him his mug and fixed his tie. He leaves her without a kiss.

Lorde switches on the light in the bathroom. They run towards the painting on the wall and kiss.

His wife turns from the window, her eye black once she hears the young man walk into the room. He pats his face with a towel.

Decked in black leather suit, Lorde dances between glass doors of the young man’s home. His wife waits for her.

Tied to a chair by the pool, he pleads with Lorde to not do it. Lorde pushes him into the pool. While he struggles underwater, she flicks open her lighter and throws it over him.

Rating: 5/5

Lorde brushes off her jeans and listens to her voicemails. An associate tells her in his message that he has a client for her. She draws up a sample contract and sets up a meeting. It has been a profitable year so far. Business was up by 10 percent.

She checks her social media and reads the sympathy and kind words from celebrities. He was a notorious cheater who had infected his wife with multiple sexually transmitted diseases. Away from the cameras, he beat his wife. His wife had tried to release a tape. However, his manager was able to suppress it from the media. He threatened to kill her, stating she was a nobody and wouldn’t be missed. She was cornered. Several contacts led her to Lorde.

Lorde lured the young man with the promise of a no-strings affair. She cooed as she told him he was her crush growing up and was really inspired by his acting. She squeezed his cocaine muscles and signed a contract. He paid her off and said for her to never come around again.

She was everyone’s favorite secret. Each grave swallowed scandals whole, building up her invincibility as she perused the galas and award shows as a simple party girl.

Director: Ryan Hope Year: 2015

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