Video Review: Lil Pump “D Rose”

Lime green colors Lil Pump’s eyes as he sits in the stairwell. He sways back and forth, lime green lines radiate from his body. He holds up his backpack.

In the parking lot, “80” flashes over the car in lime green. He walks into the hallway, wearing a pink hoodie and dances. He climbs on top of the car and sits.

The flame from his cigarette burns as he exhales. He shakes his head. The background turns lime green and a hand drawn sketch of him dances.

He throws money in the hallway. The car changes color as he dances. Flames tower over his house, coating him in a grisly red.

In the hallway, he pours out his water, animated with multiple colors, onto the floor. He drinks the water, its content changing color, He dances near the car.

Rating: 3/5

A couple argues on the floor above Lil Pump. Glass breaks and she cries out in pain. Taking a pack of cigarettes from his dresser, he sits in the stairwell and smokes. The police storm through the doors of the building. He decides to put on a sweatshirt and hang out in the hallway, rapping along to beat he created on his phone.

The music silences the commotion in the lobby as he watches the man being hauled out by the police. Backpack over his shoulder, he stops to check on his car. It stalled on the expressway last week. A repair shop estimated the costs to be about $1,000. He sits on the hood and dances a bit and then leaves for the bus stop. The water stings his teeth as he drinks it. It’s been two years since he has gone to the dentist. He’s going to have scrounge up the money.

It starts to drizzle as he waits. The person next to him asks him to he wants to share the umbrella. He shakes his head yes and huddles with the person. He turns his music up and they nod in time. The bus arrives. He yawns as he sits down and sets his alarm. He takes a nap as the sun rises.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2017

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