Video Review: Hilary Duff “Beat of My Heart”

Against a black background, the waves of a heart beat leap outline a microphone. A band plays in silhouette. Hightlighted in teal, Hilary Duff near the edge of the frame. She raises her hand, as it turns electric blue and brushes her bare shoulder.

Lit in electric blue, she sings into the microphone. Several microphone stands surround her.

Against the white background, she wears a silver, fringed dress as she performs with her band.

She sits on a hoop swing in the a laboratory. She walks past the experiments.

Back on stage, she slides to the front and sings into a clear microphone.

Red paint splashes across the screen as she sings. Four chords from a guitar slide her off screen. A man plays the piano while she sings in the corner.

Against a black background, tinted in teal, she grins.

Rating: 3/5

September Smith (Hilary Duff) mixes a potion for James Bond. She stirs it and then places some of the liquid under the microscope. Bond walks through the lab, asking about her urgent call. She explains she found a potion to help him with his enemies. She presents it to him. He thanks her for her time. September taps him on the shoulder and tells him to use it sparingly. Bond nods and walks out the door.

A male villain leaps out behind Smith and puts a rag over her mouth. She screams for help and he presses his arms into her body, warning her to be quiet. He leads her out of her lab and uses her badge to get into her office. He demands the formula for the potion. She prints it out on her computer and hands it to him.

In the villain’s chamber, his female assistant laughs and taunts her by saying that not even her brain or precious Bond can save her. The male villain shakes the tube of potion and says Bond won’t be able to sustain himself. However, he plans to drink it all.

Bond breaks down the door. The female assistant winks at him and links her arm with his. “Let me show you around. My bed has changed since you’ve been in it last.” A twinge of jealousy runs through Smith. Bond will only ever see her as a friend. Bond ties her up in her room and finds the male villain cowered in the corner, lifeless.

The female assistant walks downstairs, her gun pointed at Bond and Smith. She vows to take Smith out first. Bond, though, shoots and she falls to the floor. He kisses Smith and says he has adored all his life. She blushes and then kisses him again.

Director: Phil Harder Year: 2005

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