Video Review: Cheap Trick “The Flame”

Robin and Tom walk together to the stage. Rick and Bun glance over to them as they apply Cheap Trick wallpaper to the wall, which shows up on the television monitors a few feet away from the stage.

Robin sings into the microphone. Bun throws a ball at the camera and smokes as he plays the drums. In black-and-white, a stylist puts some measuring tape around Rick’s neck. The white spotlights illuminate the band. A photographer takes their picture. On the television monitors, a young woman plays volleyball .

Backstage, Rick hands his guitar to an assistant and leans against some equipment, exhausted. In black-and-white, Robin and Tom talk. An executive talks to Rick by the buffet table. A stylist fixes the bottom of Rick’s shirt. Back on the television monitors, Robin and Tom walk on the beach alone.

Rick kisses his guitar. A young woman walks by herself on the television monitor. On the right screen, a young man walks by himself on the beach.

Cheap Trick continue to play on stage. Multi-colored lights shine on them.

Rating: 1.5/5

Robin and Tom walk to rehearsal fifteen minutes early. A crew member spots them and says their manager hasn’t arrived yet. Bun and Rick wave hello to them as the help with the stage design. Bun fills in Robin and Tom, saying a couple of crew members called off and they volunteered to help.

They practice their full hour. During their meeting, Robin asks the vocal coach how he could improve. She says he’s maintaining his voice well and to keep doing what he’s doing. The stylist measures Tom as they talk with one another. She apologizes as she bumps into him. He tells her it’s okay and asks her opinion for a place to eat afterwards. He jokes with her and invites her to sit at their table during dinner.

Between songs, Robin and Tom discuss the soap opera playing on the television monitor. Tom says the former couple needs to talk to one another. Robin is surprised they haven’t run into one another while thinking at the beach.

During dinner, Robin asks the stylist why she doesn’t talk to them while she work. She says it would be unprofessional of her to do so. Robin shrugs it off and says she welcome to jump into their conversations anytime. Bun notices the time and says they need to get going. The opening act will be on stage in a half an hour.

 Director: Jim Yukich Year: 1988

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