Video Review: Bryce Vine & Wale “Drew Barrymore (Remix)”

Several women, wearing white cloths over their private parts, walk backwards into the laboratory. Bryce Vine sits in the middle, waiting for them.

He sits with the first young woman and tests her arm movements. The first young woman watches as her one finger twitches.

Standing in the center, he observes the young women as they move their joints.

He sits with a second young woman and moves her head from left to right. She does it on her own.

The young women stand in a line, their arms at their sides.

Wale joins Vine in the lab. The women blink their eyes while Wale raps.

Vine and Wale, wearing oversized jackets, jump by themselves in the laboratory.

Vine and Wale examine the women’s faces. Vine continues to sit with young women to test their movements. He rests his head on a young woman’s lap. The women walk out of the laboratory.

Rating: 3/5

Bryce Vine turns in his reports to the supervisor. The robots have been working properly according to their programming. They have mastered nuanced movements. However, he noted one young woman was able to experience pain.

His supervisor called him in for a meeting. He explained to his supervisor that when he touched the finger of one of the women, she winced. She brought up the young woman’s programming on screen and scanned the formula with her finger. She leans back in her seat and says the programming doesn’t reflect it. Reading over his report, she says the robot needs to be taken apart. She tells him an investigation will be necessary.

Vine nods and closes the door behind him. He passes the young woman, who smiles at him. He gives her a faint smile. She was an intuitive machine who was able to understand the complexities of her programming. However, she had developed the ability to override them as well. Her empathy was her strength. She often listened to him as he talked about his daily life.

Walking to the glass, she asks him if they will talk tomorrow. He answers yes. She grins and returns to her place, her eyes closed. He waves goodbye to her for the last time.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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