Video Review: Heart “These Dreams”

Nancy runs her hand over the lake and sees Ann’s reflection. Nancy carries her guitar and glances over at the charcoal mountains as she walks away.

Against a black background, Ann sings.

Nancy plays her guitar on stage. Hands reach out to her.

Heart plays between some narrow columns.

Two men stand by an open frame. Ann stands a few feet away by the black lake. Ann crawls in the sand. She rests her forehead on the bust of a horse.

Through the holes on the floor, the hands tries to touch Nancy as spins on stage. Nancy walks down the stairs of a pitch black room. Men, wearing black outfits, lead the way with their flashlights. They walk in knee-deep water. Ann tries to calm the hands on the floor. Howard and Denny fall into the water.

The hands reach in the water, clench their fists and pull back while Nancy stands up. Ann and Nancy sing together.

Ann stares into the lake and sees herself.

Rating: 2/5

Ann puts her head down, groaning in pain as she sits in the chair. In two hours, she can go back to sleep. There are only a couple more things she needs to do before she goes to bed. She shuffles to her bed and lies down, the light still on her room.

The pain quiets as she rests. Eyes open, she glances at the dial on her television and studies the design of her wallpaper. She gets her nightgown and heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She returns to her bedroom and closes the light.

As she sleeps, she imagines herself as her sister, Nancy, hiking through the crystal mountains in a mystical land with her guitars. Along the way, she finds a stage with a lone hands, clamoring for her touch. She plays for them.

A group of men, dressed in black, find her and protect her as they enter a ravaged castle. They warn her to stay away from the hands. The princess, who once ruled with a kind heart, was taken by the hands and never seen again. They believe they have seen one of her hands punch a hole on stage.

Ann, now as herself, hushes the hands with a single wave over them. The group of men imbued her with some powers, advising her to use them wisely. As she travels back to Earth, the powers will dissipate.

Ann wakes up in the dark and her jaw tightens from the pain. She sits up in bed and tries to return to the magic tower. The pain, though, refuses to let up.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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