Video Review: Tina Turner “Foreign Affair”

In Spain, a matador runs his cape along the sand in the ring. A young woman drives her vintage car to the ring. She watches him in the corner.

Tina Turner performs inside a building.

In her bedroom, the young woman bites her red lips. The young woman, wearing a black leather jacket, meets the gaze of the matador as they walk in opposite directions.

As the copper sun light streams through the blinds, the matador undresses her and they make love. In the car, her red scarf covers her face. Silk sheets drape her body in her bedroom.

Turner sways at the microphone while the screen behind her show the couple being with one another.

She runs her hand along the wall as she watches a bull head towards the matador. He pulls the her leather jacket off her in the ring. He holds it as a cape. She runs towards him like the bull and does a cartwheel. He waits for her by the car and stares as the breeze lifts the scarf off her face.

His arms spread across the railing, he watches her as she passes by him on the balcony. She grabs his hand and gives him one last look.

Rating: 3/5

The matador had his choice of lovers across the country. However, it was a young woman from America who first popped in his mind as a bull stuck his horns in his stomach. He called for her as he laid on the ground, awaiting help. His wife ran to his side, sobbing. She held his hand as he turned his head over to her and called her the young woman’s name. He closed his eyes,

The young woman, now with a husband and several kids, read the newspaper. Tucked in a box of world affairs, a report stated the matador had died and Spain was expected to hold a funeral for him. She gasps. Her husband asks her what’s wrong. She tells him she remembered to get the meat out of the freezer in order for it to thaw.

While traveling in Spain, she and the matador had an affair. She had no idea who he was as she spotted him practicing in the ring. He caught her eye and then walked over to her, kissing her on the mouth. She didn’t turn away. She rolled her head back as he kissed her neck and shoulders. She whispered that she usually doesn’t move this fast. He said he didn’t care and then told her his name. He held her hand as they drove across the country,

As she flipped through a paper in her hotel room, it was then she saw the matador smiling with his wife in the photo. She confronted him the next day, saying she wouldn’t be the other woman. His face fell and he explained he understood. She sighed and then touched his face. He kissed her again.

During a match, she watched in the stands and winced as the bull approached him. He assured her he would be safe. She worried for him. Afterwards, he said he expected his life to be short. One day a bull would get him. It was only a matter of time. She had hoped every day he would be able to live a full life.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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