Video Review: Panic! At The Disco “High Hopes”

A car stops at a curb in downtown Los Angeles. Brandon, wearing a suit, walks out of the backseat and stands in the middle of the road. He crosses the street and walks on the sidewalk. A man bumps Brandon as he passes by. Brandon glances over his shoulder to see who it was. A teenaged young man skateboards by him.

Brandon sees a skyscraper and takes a deep breath. He climbs on the front door and walks on the building. People rush by and start to film him on their phones. He looks down and sees the growing crowd. A fiftysomething shakes his head as he watches Brandon. A fortysomething woman, making herself coffee in the break room of the office, waves back at Brandon.

A man films Brandon’s climb for a news report. He reaches the roof. Below, he sees the people applaud him. He performs with his band into the night.

Rating: 3/5

Robin Roberts congralutes Brandon on his impossible feat on Good Morning, America. She asks him why he wanted to climb the building. Brandon answers he was afraid at first. However, he had to prove to himself he could do it. The failure of a long-term relationship broke him and it was though his entire world collapsed. He believed he had nothing to lose.

Roberts shows him the footage and asks him what he was thinking as he walking. He responds he was concentrating on the clouds as they moved in the sky and knew his friends were up waiting for him. Through the adversity, he realized he had a supportive group of friends. They thought he was crazy and tried to deter him, saying he was risking his life. However, he told them it was his goal to climb the building.

She tells him he made history and created a pop culture which will be talked about for years to come. Brandon exclaims, “Wow!” and says he wasn’t even thinking about any fame. He was trying to fill a void within him. She asks him what he plans to do next. He says he plans to travel. Knowing he can climb a building, he can get on a plane and hike Mount Denali in Alaska. She tells him he’ll do a great job.

In the green room, he answers his cell phone. A travel magazine wants to do a profile on him. He checks his voicemail and hears his favorite singer ask him to be a guest at his concert. He sits down on the couch in silence, observing the stylists rushing down the hallway. An assistant asks him if he’s okay. He answers yes and gets up.

Directors: Brandon Walter & Mel Soria Year: 2018

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