Video Review: Vengaboys “We Like To Party! (The Vengabus)”

Robin dances in his seat as he listens to the radio while driving a mini-bus around  in Barcelona, Spain. Kim and Denise lean out the window and wave at the people waiting at the bus stop. They invite them inside. They dance in their seats. Robin sips some water from his bottle.

Kim, Denise and the group dance in Catalonia. Two eight-year-old boys stand by a white cross. A group of boys talk to one another. After the routine, everybody returns to the bus.

The bus overheats by the Emita de Brugues. Robin looks into the smoking engine. Kim, Denise and the group pass the time by dancing. Kim and Denise dance stand on the rock and dance by the beach. At a fountain, Kim and Denise wash their arms. A sixtysomething man walks his dog and returns to his home. Kim, Denise, Robin and a couple of their friends dance on a rooftop. Kim calls out to people with a bullhorn.

They continue their drive and stop to dance between some columns of a building. They watch men play dominoes on card tables. They pause as they watch some men, dressed as the Village People, perform a routine and push through them. Walking down the stairs, they pass an Elvis impersonator.

Robin stops the bus at the Baja Club. As crepe paper falls the ceiling. the group continues to dance . In the middle of the night, they build a campfire and talk until morning.

Rating: 4/5

Robin turns the volume up in the radio in the mini-bus and asks for Denise to hand him some snacks. Denise and Kim move their shoulders to the beat. A friend drinks some water and views the facades of Casa Amatller. Denise points to a sign advertising the El Ecants Market.

Kim, Denise and the group hang out and shop at the various booths at the flea market. Kim buys a necklace. Denise gets herself some food. Robin makes a bathroom stop. After an hour, they get back on the bus. They pick up some people, waiting and say they’ll drive them to where they need to go.

They take a detour through Catalonia and drop the people off. The engine starts to sputter as they return to Barcelona. Robin and his friend try to fix the engine. His friend says he can’t believe Kim and Denise won’t even bother to help. Wringing with sweat, Kim and Denise wash off at the fountain and sit in the shade underneath a palm tree. Three hours later, Robin fixes the engine and they head to the club.

Kim and Denise buy themselves drinks between dancing. Robin hangs out at the bar, talking to the bartender. The bartender offers him a drink on the house. Robin flirts with the young woman next to him. At 1 a.m., they gather at the bus and count the change in their pockets. Robin suggests a hostel. Kim says they won’t have the gas money to make it there. They decide to camp out until morning and then return home.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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