Video Review: The Band Perry “Postcard from Paris”

In New Orleans, Louisiana, a detective gets on his motorcycle and passes some Wanted posters for Kimberly, Neil and Reid plastered on the building. Kimberly holds the newspaper across her arm as she crosses the street. The detective snaps a photo. He watches her meet up with Neil and Reid and follows them as they ride their bicycles in the park.

Kimberly, Neil and Reid perform in a room decorated with their Wanted posters.

Neil draws the outline of a home in the dirt. The detective glances over from his newspaper as he sits on the bench. Kimberly spots him. They case the house. The detective sits in his office and looks at the photos. At the cafe, they clink their mugs. She rolls up her newspaper and puts it to her eye. She catches the detective photographing them.

Around midnight, they return to the home. Reid cuts the chain to the gate and they enter the home. As they walk up the stairs, Neil aims the flash light as Kimberly points to one of the rooms. Kimberly looks out the window while Neil and Reid break into the vault. The detective sees them as they walk out of the home. Kimberly sees him and takes off her sunglasses. The detective puts his fingers to his lips.  She turns around and gets inside the car.

Rating: 3/5

The woman’s jaw dropped at the Diamond for Dreams office. It was a vintage Cartier necklace. The woman tells Kimberly she’s going to help a lot of women. Kimberly takes out her bag and says she has more. The woman pats her hand and says she’s such a generous person. Kimberly gives her a weak smile while the woman hands her a receipt.

Putting on her sunglasses, Kimberly walks to her car, glad to be rid of the jewelry. It was stolen from a home in New Orleans a few years ago. She and her brothers were never caught in the string of robberies which stretched over several states. A detective, who was on their case, dropped it and let them go.

She answers phone. Her brother, Neil, asks her for their help in another robbery. She tells him she’s out of the game. The detective, with his concerning gaze, had riddled her with guilt. On the way home, she stayed silent as her brothers said “those rich jerks won’t even miss it.” She and her brothers had done without. As their friends and some family members started to get promoted and or find decent jobs, their resentment grew. Stealing was the only way to get their revenge.

After the robbery in New Orleans, she opened her closet full of designer clothes. Dusty designer purses were stacked on the floor. She tripped over a row of shoes. What was she going to do with it all? She had everything she needed. She turned on her laptop and started to filling out applications for jobs.

Her brother tells her she has become soft. Kimberly answers she’s okay with that and hangs up on him. She brushes some dog fur off her blouse and khaki pants. She kisses her dog goodbye, gets her keys and heads to the department store for her shift.

Director: David McClister Year: 2012

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