Video Review: Tyga & Offset “Taste”

Women, wearing bikinis, shake their butts as they sit by the pool at Tyga’s at Los Angeles, California. mansion. He rubs his hands together as he dances by himself near one of the rooms.

Tyga drives in a convertible downtown in the summer heat with several women.

The women rub their butts against the glass railing on the second floor balcony. Tyga, in a Lakers jersey, raps on the roof. At the pool, the a woman shakes her tattooed butt. 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa and Joyner Lucas sit on plastic lawn chairs.

Offset smokes off in the corner with several people. Tyga fills women’s mouths with whipped cream. Some women rub the whipped on one another’s butts. Two women jump in the pool together.

Lit in electric blue, Tyga skates at Cascade with some of the women. Offset sits on the counter at the rental booth. Women lean on the railing and shake their butts.

Lit in crimson, Offset stands in the rink. The women form a train as they skate. Offset and Tyga tap the women’s butts as they sit towards the benches. Tyga sits out his tongue as he touches the small of a woman’s back as he skates.

King Bach and 2 Chainz squirt women with Super Soakers by the volleyball net. A woman splashes her hips in the water.

Rating: 0/5

The buttocks, according to, have a muscle named gluteus maximus which helps the thigh and hip move. However, according to, it takes three muscles inside the buttocks to allow a person shake their hips or splash in the water.

Exposing the butt, when wearing a thong, during rollerskating, could lead to bruises if one should trip on the rink, which Healthline reports. Sitting up on a blanket in an unusual position could also lead to muscle strain.  The women should also watch for a rash. The germs in the pool and on the ground as the women return from the bathroom puts them at risk.

Nonetheless, Healthline also says that staying in the sun all day causes a rash to occur on their buttocks. The women should keep on eye on their intergluetal cleft. or butt crack.  Rubbing their butts against one another may cause interigo. Reddish skin and itching are the common symptons. Always remember to wash any hands stop any bacteria from spreading.

Directors: Tyga & Arrad Year: 2018

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